About Me

Hi I’m Geri and welcome to See Food, Eat Food! I love to cook and trying new types of dishes in my kitchen. I see food and I immediately want to eat it. My dad loves to say “If you can read, you can cook,” and it’s a philosophy I live by. Yes there are some tough, temperamental dishes out there (French Macaroons come to mind), but generally I believe every dish can be made at home easily if you’re willing to do the work and not sweat the small stuff. I believe that healthy food and delicious food are not mutually exclusive. Having said that, I believe you can eat anything and remain healthy, so long as it’s in moderation. Therefore you’ll find a wide assortment of dishes on this site. Please browse around to your heart’s content. This blog is my way to share what I’m cooking in my kitchen – my successes and failures – as well as my life in general with all of you. Enjoy!


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