The Pinterest Challenge

pinterest_badge_redYou hear that the first step to recovery is to accept your addiction so here it goes – I am addicted to Pinterest. I love the site. I have boards for everything – the food I want to make, the clothes I want to buy, places I want to visit, potential gifts for people. I am even one of those girls who has a wedding board even though I’m not getting married any time soon, and could not afford half of the things I pin.

I am also one of those people who forgets what they’ve pinned, so that I end up with two of three duplicated of the same image. It’s fine when you’re pinning inspirational images for your closet or imaginary wedding, but often when it comes to food I pin recipes with every intention of making them and then completely forget that recipe exists! I remember my mother and grandmother having piles of magazine clippings of recipes, stuffed into binders and shoe boxes. Whenever we wanted a new meal we’d look into the box or binder and pull one out. Today we use Pinterest and tumbler instead of boxes in the hopes that we’ll be more organized, but we still end up forgetting what we’ve saved.

So I’m challenging myself to make every recipe pinned on my Pinterest food board…which is over 250 items and growing!

Wish me luck!